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With a reputation for quality and durability, the BodyGuardz Screen Protector ensures that your gadget’s screen is always safe from scratches that are all so common, and in most cases inevitable. However, the protector does more than just this. Clients are also enrolled in the product’s Advantage Program, which ensures the unhindered protection for a long time after the initial purchase.


BodyGuardz Advantage Members Receive:

• Lifetime protection
This program assures all members a lifelong protection. This is facilitated by availing them with a replacements after the initial one has served its purpose. To this end, your first purchase comes with a free replacement, and you have the convenience of purchasing future replacements at a significantly lower price.

• Return customer discount
Loyal customers also get discounts on their future purchases after their first order. So long as you have an active account on the platform, you are automatically eligible for a 20% discount.

• 30 day money back guarantee
Albeit BodyGuardz has a reputation for quality and durability, clients are assured of a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. To this end, clients and potential customers can place their orders confidently, try out the screen protector and request their money back should they not feel satisfied.

How to join the BodyGuardz Advantage Program

Once you have purchased your BodyGuardz screen protector, simply register it on, provide proof of purchase and you are will be automatically added as a member.

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