Removal Instructions

You could be taking off a screen protector for the first time, replacing a tired one or repeating the whole process after discovering a mistake after a recent fitting. The process can be easy to remove tempered glass screen protector; just peel it off from one end to another in a horizontal fashion. However, some stick on a bit to firmly to come off easily.

Where this is the case, don’t worry, a few tricks will get you sorted out easily!

FIRST! It is important to have the following items present:

  • A hairdryer
  • A toothpick
  • Duct tape or any sticky tape that maybe available
  • Some flexible plastic or a credit card
  • A piece of soft cloth.

Before starting the procedure, it is advisable that you check for weak spots on your screen protector. These might most likely be around the edges of the screen, or uncovered areas like the microphone receiver and the front camera lens. The weak spots are characterized by bubbles or places where the protector did not fit properly.



Use a hairdryer on your screen for about 15 seconds! This helps loosen up the adhesive.

Easiest Method First

Try using your finger nail to gently peel it off.Remove Screen Protector

If this does not work, try using the tooth pick to create a gap.

Make sure that the sharp side points towards the protector, away from the screen. This should create a gap large enough to fit the credit card in.

Where possible, make sure all the strain is directed towards the protector as you don’t want to damage your screen.

If the previous methodologies fail, then you can use the duck tape option; Apply the tape in a top-down manner. Then gently peel the tape out. The assumption being that the adhesive will grip the protector.

Do not rush it, slow and gentle is the best speed!

Immediately after, use the clean cloth to wipe the screen clean. It would be better if the cloth was lint free.

I hope this helps you remove your tempered glass screen protector successfully!

Here is a quick video on yet another way on how to remove glass screen protector. As you can see, you can use many household items to do it!


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