Best Clear Fullscreen Tempered Glass | Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ | Fully Adhered | Part I

In today’s highly requested video, we are taking a look at the Whitestone Dome Glass. This is a fully adhered tempered glass that is CLEAR for your Galaxy S8 and S8+. Although this video focuses on the S8, I do have the protector for the Galaxy s8+ as well.

This is a wet install process and takes quite a bit of time and understanding. Make sure that you’ve fully read the instructions here and that you’ve even read them a second time.

I would suggest that you lay everything out so that as you go through the install, you have everything right at your fingertips. This install is not for the timid….If you are afraid to attempt this, have someone help. 🙂 It’s a very expensive protector and you’re only going to get one try.

See part two here:

A couple of things to note:

(1) There is no power brick for the USB cable, so make sure to get yourself one and have it handy.
(2) Perform the install in a well ventilated area. The adhesive really STINKS, and will STINK for some time after the install.
(3) Read the instructions.
(4) Read the instructions AGAIN! 🙂
(5) Thoroughly clean dry your phone, be sure to use the dust removers provided to get that lint.
(6) After removing the top tray, check for dust again and use the remover sticker if necessary.
(7) Follow the minimum suggested time for the UV light use. I did longer.
(9) Inspect your work.
(10) Get yours while you can for the Samsung Galaxy s8 and S8+:

Oh, and there’s more:

(1) It’s full screen
(2) It’s clear
(3) There is no glue running down the sides.

Can you tell how excited I am. I’m so glad you guys asked me to check into this one!

In my opinion, these might be the best protectors ever made for this phone. I think it could be the one! Wow!!!!

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As always, thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you in my next one.