Cinder Curved Glass Edge to Edge Screen Protector for iPhone 6s+: Simply Superior!

The Cinder Curved Edge to Edge Tempered Glass screen protector for iPhone 6s Plus is easy to apply and looks absolutely fantastic on your iPhone. At only .2 mm thick, it adds minimal thickness to your iPhone and thus it is reasonably case compliant. I tested 18 cases with it, and 12 of them fit successfully with the Cinder. It feels great, looks great and is a great choice for your iPhone, especially if you use your iPhone without a case. However, due to its reasonable degree of case friendliness, it is likely you may be able to find a case which appeals to you that is Cinder compliant. My list of compliant cases is below.


* Easy to apply

* Features actual curved glass edges: unlike the Cinder, most edge to edge screen protectors handle the curved edges of the iPhone screen by using other materials fused with tempered glass to cover the curved edges.

* .2 mm thick

* Excellent oleophobic coating and optical clarity.

* Works perfectly with 3D Touch.

* Looks fantastic on your iPhone!


* Somewhat pricey.

* Screen protector is somewhat hard to remove from protective backplate for installation.

* Like all such screen protectors, small amounts of dust will probably collect under the edges of the Cinder over time.

Case Compatibility:
Here’s a list of cases which I tested on the iPhone 6s Plus with the Cinder.

Apple Leather Case
Ballistic Jewel
Griffin Survivor Journey
Griffin Survivor Core
Kavaj Dallas
Magpul Field Case
Speck CandyShell Clear
Speck GammaShell
Thule Atmos X3
Thule Atmos X4
UAG Cobalt
Verus Verge

Otterbox Symmetry Clear
Otterbox Symmetry Graphics
RhinoShield Crash Guard
RhinoShield PlayProof
Speck CandyShell Grip
Tech21 Evo Tactical

Of course, these are only the cases I’ve had the opportunity to test personally.  Cupert Technology, the manufacturer of the Cinder, publishes a separate list here:

Conclusion: The Cinder is the best edge to edge screen protector I have yet come across for the iPhone 6s Plus. Installation is straightforward and the results are very impressive. Unlike many similar screen protectors, there is no line of hazing at the edges or where the screen begins to curve. It really will look fantastic on your iPhone. Available solely from Cupert Technology, the Cinder retails for .99 for the iPhone 6/6s version and .99 for the iPhone 6/6s Plus version:

Thanks for watching!