Every Type of Tempered Glass and Screen protector you can buy for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus!

This is a long video. (16:39 is the top 4 ) I have built up a vast collection of every type of screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Family.. Now its not every one available.. BUT… It is every type.. There are probably over 500 Companies and third party sellers that have their own brand name version.. But like I always tell you guys.. A lot of them are
100 % identical.. I have tested 47 “different” Tempered Glass Screen protectors…

The only 2 that are fully adhesive

1. Whitestone Dome Glass : 45.00 USD ( DIY KIT)
2. HAO 5D Mylasian Company.- Consists of 3 layers
1st layer is a High Transparent Wrap on the screen
2. They Apply “high quality glue” on top of the transparent wrap
3. They Apply HAO 5D full transparent Tempered glass and then use UV light to Dry…
Sounds like the Dome Kit but with an extra layer Of transparent Wrap..
They only Do this in the Store, The website is WWW.dfkstore.com

Fake glass YouTube link

Whitestone Dome

Generic Alpha Glass

Otterbox Alpha Glass

NuGlass Type Clear Case Compatible Screen protector

JRG Case Compatible
Privacy glass- Just look at the different ones and look for the cheapest.. They will all be identical.

Lensun is on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/pg/Lensunstore/shop/?rid=283490565339381&rt=6

As far as samcore goes… Tech Armor and Invisishield HD are the same product..

Everything in this video can be Found and bought on Alibaba.com for 1/4 the price that these companies sell them for with the exception of Whitestone,Gpel and the Generic boxes… ( I also haven’t been able to locate a generic version of the Pelican Interceptor.. they might be the only company that put custom adhesive strips on their protector..