Gpel LG G5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review

Good fit, total front coverage, but slight air gap and visible touch grid, good scratch resistance. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

To help with installing the screen protector, you also receive a microfiber cleaning cloth, a wet wipe, and two dust stickers. This screen protector is a full face screen protector for the LG G5. It’ll cover the entire front surface to the bottom of the screen with noticeable leftover edges. On the top are cutouts for the front camera, speaker, and sensors. The blacked out portions on the protector will line up with the screen’s non-touch sensitive regions. This is nice because most glass/film screen protectors that only shield the flat portion of the screen, leaving a half inch gap above the screen that is not protected at all.

When testing the screen for scratch resistance, I used a ball point pen and set of keys on the surface. This did not leave any visible scratches on the protector, so the durability seems high. Installing the screen was pretty easy. However, the screen doesn’t have adhesive along the entire back like other glass protectors I’ve used. In fact the screen only sticks to the phone via adhesive under the blackout portions of the protector. This means there will be a slight air gap between the screen protector and the visible portions of the glass, which I wasn’t a fan of because it reduces the clarity and adds haziness. The other thing I didn’t like is that there is a visible grid in the touch portion of this screen protector, further taking away from the brilliance of the LG G5’s screen. The protector is quite thin though and it does provide full coverage where most protectors don’t. It seems to stay on fine and fits even with my case on the phone. Overall, the touch performance was as responsive as the glass screen on its own. The protector provides decent all-over scratch and impact resistance and was easy to install.

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