How To Apply The Caseflex Tempered Glass Screen Protector Without Air Bubbles!

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Looking to protect your shiny new iPhone 6/6s or Samsung Galaxy S7? Well the Caseflex Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers ultimate screen protection for your new device. Check out the video to see the simple and quick way to install your new Caseflex Tempered Glass Screen Protector with no air bubbles.

A high quality screen protector is the ultimate tool for shielding the touchscreen of your device from dirt and damage. Unfortunately, conventional screen protectors are made from plastic which means that, while thin, they lack the strength and resistance of a heavy duty tempered glass screen protector.

Unlike its plastic counterparts, this iPhone 6s / 6 tempered glass screen protector from Caseflex provides an unparalleled level of protection from damage. Not only does it provide an impenetrable barrier against scratches, scrapes, scuffs and dents, it also protects your touchscreen from impacts.

Even the most catastrophic drop will be minimised and if the Caseflex tempered glass screen protector shatters on impact with the ground, it will shatter uniformly; maintaining its shape and protecting the touchscreen from severe damage.