How to Put on a Tempered Glass Screen Protector in 6 Easy Steps

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Screen protectors provide extra protection for the part most prone to damage after a drop, the iPhone’s screen.

Here’s your simple step-by-step video guide on how to install your new tempered glass screen protector. This video shows you how to put on a screen protector on your iPhone without any air bubbles.

Step 1: Prepare
Make sure your iPhone is turned off. Open the screen protector package and set everything up on a clean table.

Step 2: Clean
Use the alcohol wipe to clean your screen, and then use the microfiber cloth to wipe it dry

Step 3: Remove the Protective Layer
Remove the protective film to expose the adhesive side of the glass

Step 4: Alignment
Make sure to align the glass screen protector with the display portion of your iPhone screen

Step 5: Press It On
Carefully lay down the protector on the screen and gently press it down to make sure it adheres to the glass of your iPhone

Step 6: Final Touches
If there are any bubbles remaining use the microfiber cloth to gently smooth them toward the edges of the glass protector.