Impossible! – Patchworks ITG Review – iPhone 6 glass screen protectors

This is one smooth iPhone 6(s+) screen protector. And tough. And it bends like plastic. BUT ITS GLASS!

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Today I’m going to review the ITG, the Impossible Tempered Glass, by Patchworks. How does it become Impossibly Tempered? Well, Patchworks chemically treats a piece of tempered glass and turns it into Silicate glass which according to Patchworks, is the strongest glass available. But going past the marketing fluff, this is one of the best screen protectors that I’ve used.

It doesn’t score as well as my current favourite, the Cinder only because it doesn’t cover the entire face of the iPhone. Based on my time with the ITG, I’ve given it a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of which is an above average score for screen protectors. If you need more information or other screen protector options, check out my website.

In terms of design, if the screen protector isn’t damage, can be re-applied. We didn’t have any issues with the dust removal and bubbling isn’t any issue. The screen protector fits only the touchable area so you need to be very careful during installation though Patchworks does include a installation tool which helps a lot. They also include an extra large dust remover which is really nice.

The screen protector feels thicker than others as the edges aren’t rounded so you definitely know where the protector ends on your iPhone. These sharp edges also resulted in bits of dust/debris getting caught which isn’t great. The edges of the screen protector, despite being sharp, didn’t chip during my usage period which adds to the strongest glass claim.

in terms of protection, this screen protector will hold up against keys and coins though the packaging doesn’t have a hardness rating.

The ITG screen protector will do well against blunt impacts. There is a good chance that your iPhone would be deformed from a blunt impact before the ITG would break.

The best part of the ITG is functionality of the iPhone under the screen protector. Viewability of the screen protector is excellent. The marketing fluff on the box says that the transparency of the glass is 93.7% which apparently is better than quality eye glasses?

The best part of this product is the coating that Patchwork uses. The fingerprint resistance seems to work better than other screen protectors and this feature is something that Patchwork seems proud of since they use an air vacuum dry-type process. This process also makes the screen protector incredibly smooth which is really nice. The combination of improved fingerprint resistance and super smoothness makes the ITG a joy to use on an iPhone.

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