Maxboost iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Protector

Maxboost sent me this iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Protector to test out. The packaging is very minimal. There is a QR code / link for their website to see a installation video, and a step by step guide. The package included everything you need to get this iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Protector installed… microfiber wipe, alcohol wipe, dust removal sticker, and installation hinge stickers.

I watched the video to make sure I was installing it correctly. I prepped the screen, aligned the screen protector, and installed to my iPhone 6 Plus. It installed with no issues. There were a few small air bubbles, which I were easily removed with the use of my drivers license.

This screen protector is very, very thin! It is also somewhat flexible. Did I say it is thin? LOL! That is this iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass Protectors biggest advantage… it is almost not noticeable once it is installed. It is very slightly smaller that the glass part of the screen, but just slightly. there is NO halo effect. The opacity is perfect, and does not degrade my viewing experience at all.

It does OK resisting fingerprints. But it is not any worse than any other screen protector I have used.

– Easy installation.
– Everything you need is included.
– Inexpensive protection.

– Fingerprint resistance is OK at best.

Maxboost sent me this product in exchange for test and evaluation, and an unbiased product review.