NuGlas Tempered glass Oleophobic screen protector for Iphone Ipad

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♦ Real tempered glass:
NuGlas is made from top quality chemical processed Japanese glass. Realistic picture and more than 99.7 % transparency. Much higher color accuracy transmission than regular screen protectors.

♦ Hardness 9H:
NuGlas has a 9H surface hardness (only diamonds have 10h). 3 times harder than plastic screen protector. The screen will not get scratched even when using sharp object such as knife or keys.

♦ Delicate touch:
On back side the glass is coated with a super clear silicone layer to make installation easily and attaches screen protector tightly and does not affect sensitivity of the touch screen.

♦ Oleophobic Coating:
Nano technology Oleophobic coating prevents finger prints and smudges. Any dirt from the surface of the screen and can be easily wiped away.

♦ Anti-shatter:
Our tempered glass screen protector will not break into small piece with sharp edges.

Available now