Orzly – Oneplus 5 Pro-Fit Tempered Glass: Application & Test

Orzly Pro-Fit technology offers all round protection for your phone’s curved screen against day to day use
The coloured frames are designed to mimic the bezel of your phone in order to keep the original look of your phone while the clear central panel offers a high transparency & light penetration ratio to preserve your original viewing experience
Tempered glass with industry-high hardness provides up to 9H resistance (harder than a knife), while additional layers of plastic underlay & overlay ensure increased durability of the screen protector during daily use
IMPORTANT: The Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector will only have adhesive on the coloured frame, and the clear panel is layered with a visible dot matrix grid over the display area. Both features are essential to achieving full coverage screen protector. Please refer to the description and images for more detailed information.
PLEASE NOTE: The Pro-Fit Glass Screen Protector is designed to work with Orzly Cases for the Oneplus 5. We cannot, however, guarantee its compatibility with OnePlus 5 cases from other manufacturers

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