Pavoscreen Privacy Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6+: Protect Your Data!

If you like tempered glass screen protectors and are concerned about about people snooping on your confidential emails, the Pavoscreen Privacy Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6+ may be a great product for you. With .33 mm thickness, 9H hardness, privacy glass, and an outstanding installer, there is a lot to recommend this product. The privacy glass feature is pretty neat—if you are looking at the screen straight on, you can see clearly, but the more angled your view is, the darker the screen appears.

The installer for this product is very easy to use and generally works quite well.  I have used it several times–one with the Aegis 3D Curved Screen Protector (Aegis licenses the installer from Pavoscreen), a second time with the Pavoscreen Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector and then with this Pavoscreen Privacy Glass Screen Protector.  The alignment worked better with the first two screen protectors, which were both edge to edge and thus slightly wider and longer.  I suspect it is the same installer for all three products, but given that the Privacy Glass  screen protector is narrower, it might not align it quite as well.  My result for the Privacy Glass was not a bad install by any means, but it was very slightly out of alignment.

1. Installer is very easy to use.

2. 9H hardness should protect against all but sand and diamond.

3. .33 mm thick

4. Screen protector goes almost to the edges of the the screen, providing good coverage.

5. Reasonably case friendly–won’t fit with all cases, but will certainly fit many of them.

1. Privacy glass decreases overall screen brightness very slightly.

2. Installer, while convenient, may not put screen protector on perfectly aligned, resulting in a good, but not great, install.

3. Design of the screen protector has a visible frame around the edges which is particularly noticeable when the phone screen is off. Dirt or dust may get caught in the frame indentation over time.

Conclusion: If screen privacy is important to you, this screen protector may be just what you are looking for. The Pavoscreen Privacy Glass Screen Protector is available directly from the manufacturer via their AliExpress store for .90.

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