Plastic vs. Glass Screen Protectors – Which one should you get for your smartphone?

A screen protector is probably the only thing I’d recommend any person get for their smartphone. The screen is the part that breaks the most out of the dozens of iPhone’s I’ve broken over the years.

If you’ve looked online, you’ll see a ton of plastic and glass screen protectors, with prices ranging from dollars to . Within that range that are products that are worth but most are not.

TL:DW: Plastic is tougher. Glass looks better.

Current 10 slim/wallet/screen protectors for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7:

Here’s a list of recommend review videos that I show clips of in my videos:

Super tough glass – Patchworks ITG Silicate glass:

3 Things to do after breaking a screen:

Pretty tough glass – WinngerGear Topaz:

Tough plastic – Thule Atmos X4:

Torture test involving plastic and glass screen protector:

What what type of screen protector should you get? Glass or Plastic? The biggest difference from my perspective is durability. Get a plastic screen protector if you’re rough on your iPhone. if you have a tendency to drop it a lot. Or have kids who treat your 00 iPhone like a throwable toy. Other than that, go with a glass screen protector.

Before I get into the details, I have to make sure you guys know what a screen protector actually to the screen of your smartphone. All it does is provide an extra layer of protection. It doesn’t reinforce the actual screen. A bad edge drop may still break your screen. An unlucky drop where a rock makes contact between the case edge and screen protector will result in a break.

Plastic screen protector – Pros

#1 Pro – As I mentioned at the beginning of the video, plastic screen protectors are very durable.

#2 Pro – The second pro for plastic screen protectors is that they are reusable. You can take them off, store it and use it again. Some of them are even washable which helps with long term usage.

Plastic screen protector – Cons

Con #1 – Plastic screen protectors show scratches easier and scratches are usually permanent. Certain screen protectors have “healing” properties which will hide light scratches.

Con #2 – Lots of screen protectors have words like “fingerprint resistance” or “Oleophobic Coating”. I call most plastic screen protectors fingerprint magnets. It will take many wipes to clear the screen which isn’t something you won’t have to do as often for glass screen protectors.

Con #3 – Certain plastic screen protectors will diffuse the HD screen of your device. This usually occurs with built-in plastic screen protectors on cases.

Con #4 – Plastic screen protectors won’t offer 100% screen coverage. You won’t see a plastic edge to edge screen protector.

Con #5 – Some Plastic screen protectors aren’t as smooth as glass. There will be a noticeable difference between tracking your finger over a glass screen protector vs a plastic one.

So that’s all I have for plastic screen protectors. If this video has been useful to you, consider getting your stuff through my site. Nobody pays me to break my own iPhones and screen protectors so I’d be grateful for any support you’re willing to give.

Glass screen protector – Cons

Con #1 – The moment you crack a glass screen protector, it is done. Ever get a chip on a windshield and watch it travel across the entire pane of glass? it’s the same for glass screen protectors.

On top of that, since it’s glass and glass can be sharp, there might be a chance that you cut yourself after a bad chip or crack.

Con #2 – Glass screen protectors won’t offer as much impact protection.

Glass screen protector – Pros

Pro #1 – Your smartphone screen is going to look great. Like nothing was sitting on top of it.

Pro #2 – if you’ve been looking at screen protectors, you’ll notice that most of them claim to be of 9H hardness. Glass offers better scratch resistance.

Pro #3 – Glass screen protectors come in Edge to Edge variations.

RL:RIA: Plastic lasts longer. Glass looks better.

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