(:Review:) Omoton iPhone 6S Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 Pack ~Proper Rounded Corners

Get This Screen Protector on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0126B49D4/?tag=omoton-20
Get The Full Face Screen Protector: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017KDO2DK/?tag=omoton-20

This is the 3rd iPhone 6 series screen protector that I have reviewed.
While they are all similar, there are minor differences that can make a significant difference in the life and performance of the screen protector.
This one in particular has properly rounded corners, meaning the corners are only rounded on the top surface, not the top and bottom like others. When the edges are rounded on the bottom side as well as the top, you end up with a lip that is easily caught on things and which collects dust.

The package comes with everything you need for the install, including guide stickers to help keep the screen protector aligned while you install it. I found these worked pretty good, except that I used them on the left side and when I went to pull the protective plastic off of the backside for final installation, the pull tab started tearing off the protective plastic rather than pulling the plastic off. As a result I had to start it with my fingernail. It is possible that if I had used the guide stickers on a different side the pull tab would have worked properly, but it could have been a bad pull tab too. Not really a quality problem. Installing without the guide stickers is pretty easy anyways.

The cuts and edges are all clean. If you want a screen protector that covers more than just the screen, make sure you check out my other reviews or videos.

+ Clean Edges
+ Properly Rounded Edges
+ Attractive Box with Instructions and Everything You Need for Install

– My Pull Tab Tore Off

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