Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Whitestone Dome | Best Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector

In today’s quick video I install the Whitstone Dome Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I just got my Note 8 today, and you know the first thing I do is put a screen protector on it. So here we go! Enin here from U Droid Mania and this is the Whitestone Dome.

Continuing where I left off with the Galaxy s8 and S8+, I figured I would start with my favorites. So the things you should know start with the fact that The Dome protector is 100% tempered glass, is .33mm thin has the rounded edges and is full screen.

Like I’ve said before this protector is not for those scared of the install. There’s a lot here as you will see. Just watch this video and my s8 videos on this protector a few times and you should not have any issues. Here’s a link to the Whitestone install video, just in case you need it: or checkout their website at: or Amazon page here: Product will be in stock soon.

Inside the packaging, you’ll find a UV light, a USB cable, some instructions, alcohol pads, microfiber cloths, dust removers, a top and bottom frame to hold the phone for install, the protector, and the adhesive. You’ll even notice that whitestone has included a second applicator, so make sure you keep all the materials in case you need to go through this process again. Trust me you’ll want to do that as some people have had difficulty with this.

So now that you’ve seen everything included in the packaging, let’s go ahead and install the protector. This go round the install process to me is not that bad.

Take the alcohol pad and clean your phone, and make sure to dry it using the microfiber cloth. Get it completely dry. Next place the phone inside the bottom portion of the tray. Place the top portion of the tray on, and use the dust stickers to get any debris off the display. Do this a couple of times as you go so nothing gets trapped under the glass.

When ready, install the bridge, then remove the purple cap off the adhesive and screw that into to place. Then take off the black top to let the adhesive drain. This takes about 30 seconds. You’ll see me here lifting the tray to make sure that the adhesive stays in the center. Only do this if you need to.

Remove the bridge. Just pick it up using the adhesive bottle. Insert the pin into the top of tray.

Next, remove the plastic from the protector and insert into the tray, bottom first. When everything is lined up, lower the protector. Press on the bottom of the tray to get the adhesive to move to the center of the display. When it starts to touch the glass of the protector you can remove the pin. Then relax and wait.

For me it took about a minute and a half for the adhesive to fully spread. Once it neared the bottom, I helped it along by tilting the tray at the bottom. If all is well, take off the top portion of the tray and start the UV light process. I light the phone in thirds and keep the light in place until it turns off.

Next remove the phone from the tray completely and repeat the UV Process. And that’s it.

My suggestion here is that you let the phone fully cure overnight after going through this process if you can. Also, a big must, do not put a case on your phone for at least 24 hours.

I know you’ll have some questions, so leave those and the cases you’d like to know about in the comments below.

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