Tech21 Evo Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus: Outstanding Installer!

The Tech21 Evo Glass screen protector has an excellent installer, wonderful optical clarity and a great oleophobic coating, but it didn’t adhere around some of the edges of my screen as well as I would have liked. Still, once installed it works very well and the installer makes it quite easily to get it properly oriented. Plus, in contrast to the competition, Tech21’s warranty replacement program doesn’t charge a shipping and handling fee for a replacement Evo Glass for your device if your Evo Glass breaks.


* Excellent installer.

* Outstanding warranty replacement terms.

* Nice oleophobic coating.

* No issues with 3D Touch.

* Excellent optical clarity.

* Case compatible.


* Some areas of non adhesion on the edges.

Available directly from Tech21 as well as from other retailers, the Evo Glass retails for .95. Many thanks to Tech21 for sending me out this sample to review:

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