The Best Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z3 – PThink Tempered Glass

In this video I show you how to install a PThink Tempered Glass Screen protector on your Sony Xperia Z3. If you would like to protect your brand new phone, but in an affordable way, then this is the best product on the market in my opinion. This is coming from someone who didn’t like to put anything on his phone.

It’s super thin, so you barely notice that it’s there. You can wear your favorite case with no issues with this screen protector. It’s rated 9H for hardness, it’s clear and will not impact your touch sensitivity. Oh, and did I forget that it also helps keep the fingerprints to a minimum.

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Here’s the link for anyone interested:

Have a Sony Xperia Z2? Checkout this video for your screen protector installation: