Unbreakable iPhone 5 / 5C / 5s ScreenKnight Tempered Glass Screen protector Durability Test

Make your phone screen unbreakable! ScreenKnight makes a tempered (hardened glass) screen protector that will protect your screen from drops or impacts! With a heavy impact the screen protector breaks but the glass beneath doesn’t! The drill is fitted with a masonry drill bit but struggles to reach the screen.

•Rated 9H hardness, making ScreenKnight the world’s strongest and toughest screen protector.
•The rounded and beveled edges provide a very comfortable surface to grip.
•No loss of screen resolution or touch sensitivity.
•Offers resistance against smudges and fingerprints due to its oleophobic coating.
•Ultra-slim 0.40 mm glass base thickness and extremely easy installation process with absolutely no bubbles