Which is stronger? – Lensun screen protector VS Tempered glass protector

It’s amazing that Lensun Nano Protector film can protect the glass while the tempered glass protector just broke with the glass together.
Next time we will test on iPhone! (╯▽╰)
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About Lensun Nano Screen Protector Film👊
Lensun Nano Protector is the newly powerful screen guards. Only 0.35mm thick and power enough to protect the screen from frictions of finger, fingernail, key chain and other damages. Anti-abrasion, shake-proof, oleophobic and can recover automatically when being punctured. Softer but hardness reach 6H (same as tempered glass), light transmittance got 99.8%, better than tempered glass 95.12%. It’s the strongest & best protector after tempered glass protector.

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