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People love spending their money on things they love; gadgets, clothes and everything else that might have rang in your mind. I don't know about you, but I think they would love to see what their hard earned money can do for them. Let's look into cell phones -Particularly the SMART PHONES. Nowadays you can receive and read your email right in your handset, you can take crisp clear pictures, edit them and share with friends. With your Smartphone you can browse the internet at pleasingly fast speeds. You can share video clips, sound recordings, photos and so on via blue-tooth. You can also download really nice applications online. How did we ever live without these!!

 Go through the following bullet paragraphs and discover a few of the highly rated brands of premium tempered glass screen protectors available for your phone, make arrangements to buy one, put the screen on, throw your phone into your pocket, carry it around and worry not about unlikely scratches on its screen!


Zagg InvisibleShieldZAGG Invisible Shield

This brand comes with protectors designed and made with different qualities: Extreme, High definition, Smudge-proof and Original. The High Definition protector is superior in many ways such as clarity and beautiful glass-like-surface. Extreme is very good for break protection, it's also good for shock resistance. The Original comes in third and offers military-grade scratch protection. Lastly, the smudge-proof variant offers fingerprint resistance. You can buy it with price varying from $15 to $50

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Bodyguardz screen cover

This brand offers front, back and sides’ protection for the devices. They are famous for being super tough and come with various products like HD, Anti-glare and Ultra Tough. Pure is made from a smudge-resistant coating and a chemically tempered glass. In addition, you get security features such as usage patterns with this brand.

It sells at a price range of $40 to $80.



Moshi iVisor

The main pro with this particular brand is its simple, quick and bubble free installation. If you are flexible enough to fix it you don't need the services of a specialist, it only takes a matter of seconds to put it in place. It features Resists skin oil, Ez-glide surface treatment and bubble free installation.

It sells at around $30.



Tech Armor screen cover

CNN describes Tech Armor as a screen protector with a pretty extensive range of features for its price. If you are price conscious Tech Armor is always a good purchase and comes with relatively nice features for its price! Some of them include 100 percent bubble-free silicone adhesives, Matte finish, bubble removal tape, lint-free polish cloth among others.

The price for this is around $50.



Skinomi Techskin cover

Skinomi Techskin's performance is above average when it comes to screen protection. They are light, unlike the traditional cases which add too much extra weight on gadgets. This brand features a clear, thermoplastic urethane film which is tough enough to deal with most scratch eventualities. Other features include UV protection, slim design, grip improvement and a smooth, non-sticky surface.

Its price range is between $20 and $25.


I could go on and on and on about how great these screens are, but really, how many people really care about the delicate screens on their phones. And even if they really do, how many think to buy screen protection. It's important, really important- I mean you can't just expose your brand new, silky smooth iPhone 6's screen to the "rough world" outside. Depending on which brand of phone you have, replacing a screen might be quite expensive and inconvenient. You can also imagine running all over your city or town looking for a store that sells a particular screen type, isn't it tedious and time consuming?

Do yourself a favor, a pick up any of these premium tempered glass screen protectors NOW!


Never crack or scratch your phone's screen again!


Herc Magnus

Nov 12, 2014

I was at Verizon Wireless with my buddy who was getting the iPhone 6 Plus.  I watched the front desk lady apply the new glass screen protector, and I had never seen it before.  I was astonished at how well it went on.  She lined it up, and pressed in the middle and it just 'glued' itself to the phone perfectly.  No air bubbles, no mess, no clean up.  And it's super clear.  I already bought my own and I love it.  You literally cannot scratch this thing.