Moshi iVisor Review

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Stick the prefix of a lower case i on the front of a product and it’s sure to gain some attention from technophiles. In the case of the Moshi iVisor glass screen protector this seems to have been a great decision because not only is it a popular option for protecting electronic devices, Apple themselves are promoting the product!

So what makes this iVisor so special?

Also known as the iVisor Glass, this simple little device is an intriguing form of protection for a range of devices. When it comes to protection (the primary aim) there are numerous benefits to the Moshi iVisor Glass which include:

  • IonGlass (tempered glass) which is atomically-strengthened glass
  • 40% thinner than the average glass protector
  • 100% scratch proof, chock proof and bubble proof
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Free replacements within a year from purchase

What do customers think?

Consumer opinion on this device is certainly favourable and there is an impressive overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Apple reviews. What really stands out from the feedback is that not only are buyers happy with the way that the iVisor performs – notably the ease of cleaning, reusability and the smooth surface – they have gone on to order more for other devices.

It is not all high praise however because some feel that even though there is a distinct lack of bubbles, the clarity could be improved and colour tones are effected. Having said this, some quickly attribute this as a knock-effect of the anti-glare and continue to award the product high-marks anyway.

In the end, this Moshi glass screen protector is a highly recommendable purchase for two simple reasons: firstly, it only appears to have one clear flaw against a vast number of benefits and 5 star user reviews; secondly, it aims to do more for users than simply protect the device from damage and succeeds with almost everyone single aim.

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