Aduro Shatterguardz iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review (How to Apply)

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This glass screen protector was easy to apply to my iPhone and gives me full edge to edge protection thanks to the addition of an aluminum frame that curves and wraps around the front face of the phone up to where it meets the back plate. This is an improvement over my previous plastic adhesive sheet style screen protector that was just a tad narrower than all four dimensions of my phone. With full coverage I feel there’s less chance of the edge coming up and dust getting trapped under the screen. You’ll also receive a handy little square of microfiber cloth with which to clean dust and oil off the screen/protector.

The thickness is about 0.63mm and unfortunately it only comes in three colors, black, silver and gold. I would have preferred white, since my phone is white and I didn’t really want to change its color. After the screen was applied, you couldn’t even tell there was a screen on it, it blends in so well. All the inner beveled edges of the screen protector frame are a shiny chrome to match Apple’s style and feel.

The glass has great clarity and responsiveness. The phone responds functions as it would were there no protector at all. The only things is the home button will sit a bit deeper than normal, but you could get a home button sticker to bring it up higher. While this glass is supposed to resist oil, I found that fingerprints inevitably do show up. However, when pressed against my cheek, there was less smudging than with a plastic screen protector. In a scratch test with both a pen and keys, I was unable to leave a mark on the surface even when applying moderately aggressive pressure.

When applying the screen protector, you’ll want to make sure you’re working in environment that is as dust free as possible. One way to do this is to apply the screen protector to your phone in the bathroom after taking a hot shower. The steam from the shower traps floating dust particles so there’s not as much chance they’ll settle on your screen.

I didn’t test impact resistance since how well it protects your screen depends a lot on the manner you drop your phone or what gets dropped on it. But I get the impression from the scratch test and ease of application that it would perform to my expectations in that area as well.

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