Aegis 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus: Nice!

When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out with their beautiful curved edge glass touch screens, they threw screen protector manufacturers into a panic, especially those making tempered glass screen protectors. Glass screen protectors couldn’t handle the curved edge, so all the tempered glass screen protectors changed to be ‘case friendly’ and only cover the flat part of the screen leaving the edge around the screen protector unprotected. To solve this problem, manufacturers worked to develop what they called ‘3D Curved’ tempered glass screen protectors which would curve on the edges to cover the whole iPhone touch screen. Aegis is one company which now manufactures such screen protectors and they were kind enough to send me some to review.

The 3D Curved Screen Protectors that Aegis sent me come in three colors: White, Black and Titanium Alloy Grey. Why do they come in colors and not just all clear? What I have heard is that the edges of Apple’s curved glass touch screens have slight variations in their curves and by having colored edges on the 3D Curved screen protectors, any fit imperfections are covered up. I’m not sure if that is actually true, but all the 3D Curved tempered glass screen protectors on the market currently have colored edges—generally black for Space Grey iPhones, white for Gold and Silver iPhones and Silver/Titanium Grey for people who want to match the color of the back of their iPhones. I flipped a coin and decided to install the Titanium Grey screen protector on my iPhone 6 Plus. The install was remarkably easy, as Aegis has a plastic installer which makes the process practically foolproof. Basically, once the phone is clean and dust-free, you peel the film off the inside of the screen protector (which is pre-installed in its installer) and then put the plastic installer over the top of your iPhone and gently press down. There is a nicely labeled arrow on the installer which you are directed to run your finger along, and then once the glass has adhered to your iPhone, you are to remove the film holding the installer to the screen protector and pick the installer up off your iPhone. In my case, the screen protector still had not quite adhered to the bottom section of the iPhone when I took the installer off, but it looked like it had adhered all it was likely to. Once I removed the installer, I just wiped the screen protector with my microfiber cloth a bit and everything adhered perfectly. Success!

If you’d like to check out my installation video for this screen protector, it is here:

What’s my opinion of the Aegis 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector? Overall, I’m quite impressed.

1. Easy installation. Love that installer!
2. Excellent optical clarity.
3. Glass feels beautifully smooth. It’s very nice not to feel the edges of a ‘case friendly’ screen protector when swiping.
4. Fit is very good.
5. Should be very scratch-resistant. The packaging says ‘9H’, but I think I’ve read that it is ‘8H-9H’ somewhere. At any rate, that should keep your phone safe from all but sand and diamonds.
6. At .4 mm, it is pretty thin for a 3D Curved screen protector.
7. Curved edges feel quite nice to your hands.

1. Has an oleophobic coating, but it doesn’t seem quite as smear-resistant as my Zagg Glass screen protector (which had a superb oleophobic coating, in my opinion).
2. Instructions for the installation were very slightly confusing, calling at one point for the removal of the sticker labeled ‘Side One’. There were no stickers labeled at all on the Titanium Alloy Grey screen protector that I was installing, but it was fairly obvious from the instructions what to remove. Interestingly, in the black screen protector package and the white screen protector package, the sticker that is to be removed is indeed labeled, but as ‘Back’ and not as ‘Side One’. They should probably update their instructions.
3. The junction between the tempered glass and the Titanium Alloy Grey frame on the bottom and the top of the screen protector is somewhat noticeable to your fingertips. You can feel it as you swipe up and down. This is not noticeable on the sides where the glass meets the colored frame, however, which is interesting.

You can find out more about this screen protector at the manufacturer’s website:

For a more detailed review, please feel free to check out the review on my review blog:

Thanks so much for watching!