Everything you NEED to know about iPhone 8/iPhone X screen protectors (for any iPhone actually)

Looking for the right screen protector for your iPhone 8? How about the “Best” screen protector for the iPhone X? It’s a tough question to answer, even for me, even though I’ve reviewed a ton of screen protectors over the last few years.

In my mind, it really depends on what you’re looking for with the screen protector. Based on all the iPhones and screen protectors I’ve broken, here are the four main types of screen protectors.

Here are the for different types of iPhone screen protectors that we’ve come across.

Cheap Glass iPhone Screen Protectors
– Covers most of your iPhone’s screen
– Won’t feel bad if it cracks
– Screen protector might be noticeable
Recommended – ESR: http://mreh.ca/2yZrxM4

Expensive Glass iPhone Screen Protectors
– Chemically treated glass
– Most likely edge to edge
– Special features
– Looks the best
Recommended – Evolutive Labs 9H Tempered Glass: http://mreh.ca/2yYXrZ9

Cheap Plastic Screen Protectors
– Prevents scratches
– Minor impact protection
– Viewability will degrade over time

Expensive Glass Screen Protectors
– Best protection
– Won’t crack
– Most likely re-usable
– Some may heal small scratches over time
Recommended – Evolutive Labs Rhinoshield Impact Shield: http://mreh.ca/2yZ4CAD

0:02:11 Cheap Plastic

Now these screen protectors are usually included with cases. I know that the Otterbox Commuter use to come with one, most of the Silk Innovation cases that are under bucks have one and the Ghostek Cloaks had them as well. From my perspective, these thin cheap plastic screen protectors have one job. To protect your iPhone screen from tiny scratches.

A bad drop with this type of plastic screen protector will result in a broken screen. Fingerprinting is going to be an issue as there won’t be any sort of oleophobic coating. The viewability of the screen protector is going to suffer a bit because of the fingerprinting and depending on the quality of the plastic, may diffuse the Retina HD screen of the iPhone.

0:03:13 Cheap Glass

If you goto Amazon and search for iPhone screen protectors, you will be bombarded by tons of products under dollars.

And I’ll be honest with you, unless you have base your value as a human being on how expensive your stuff is, nobody is going to really know the difference between a dollar glass screen protector and a dollar glass screen protector.

Cheap glass iphone screen protectors offer a bit more protection and are the best way to maintain the “feel” of the iPhone’s touchscreen

0:05:26 Expensive Plastic

Unlike the glass equivalents, there is a much larger difference between cheap plastic screen protectors and expensive plastic screen protectors.

In a nutshell, the more expensive the plastic screen protector is, the better impact protection it is going to offer your iPhone. If you need to see an in-depth comparison between plastic and glass, check out this video I made between the Evolutive Labs Rhinoshield Impact Shield and their edge to edge screen protector.

Expensive Plastic screen protectors are also going to be easier to re-use so if you are considering getting a waterproof case like the HitCase Pro or ProShot. These types of screen protectors can even be washed which is handy if you have an accident with the screen protector and dust/dirt ended up between the iPhone’s screen and screen protector.

Expensive plastic screen protectors will still suffer from the same fingerprinting and viewability issues as thin screen protectors and will most likely never come in an edge to edge form .

0:09:10 Expensive Glass

Now within this category, there are 4 different types of screen protectors from my perspective and the differences revolve around the coverage that they offer. The for types are:

Standard fit – Covers the touchable area of the iPhone’s screen. Sharp edges

Standard fit w/ rounded corners – Same as standard fit but rounded corners improve durability

Edge-to-Edge – Covers the whole screen of the iPhone. Compatible with most cases.

Edge-to-Edge w/ rounded corners – Same as the Edge-to-Edge screen protector but offers the most durability

Check out the video for the all the details. I’ve seen a ton of Edge-to-Edge screen protectors over the last year and they’re all quite good. The only problem is the potential of the screen protector not working with your iPhone case of choice.

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