Foxnovo iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Installation and Review

Easy to install, clear, scratch-proof glass; could use better instructions Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

The set comes with the glass screen protector, dust and guide stickers, 2 cleaning wipes, and an alignment guide for installation. The glass screen protector is 0.3mm thick and crystal clear. There’s minimal reflection and glare from the glass and it resists fingerprints pretty well, though isn’t completely fingerprint proof. I wasn’t able to scratch the glass using a pen or my keys which is pretty cool.

The set didn’t come with instructions and the video “instructions” don’t go through the whole process, so I’ll outline that below. Using the included tools, the alignment of the glass is spot on, and it’s super quick and straightforward. The glass looks and feels just like the original screen and fits in most cases that don’t already have a built-in screen protector.

Installation steps:
First, clean the surface of your phone with wipes 1 and 2. If any dust settles on your screen use the dust sticker to pick it up. Next you’ll install it in the guide bracket, and you’ll notice it has a tensioner bar that slides up and down. Make sure it’s in the down position, insert your phone, and then slide the bar up. This will put tension on the bracket and keep it in place. Now, take the two guide stickers and stick them halfway on the back of the phone along the left side of your phone with half the sticker exposed face up. Now you’re going to place the glass sticker side down into the orange guide and make sure it’s got a tight fit. Now take the two guide stickers and wrap them tightly around the edge of your phone and stick them to the front of the glass. The should be able to “open” like a book, and you can remove the orange guide. Stick the dust sticker on the opposite side of the glass to use as a handle. Lift the glass by the dust sticker and remove the backing of the screen protector. Then lower the glass back onto your phone, making sure to keep the stickers taught. Once it’s seated, press gently on the center of the screen and wipe outwards from the center with a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove any air bubbles.

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