Foxnovo Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s (3 pack) Review

Quick and easy to install, clear, good scratch/fingerprint resistance. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

This set comes with everything you need for installation: glass screen protector, dust and guide stickers, 2 cleaning wipes, and a guide for installation. Multipacks include additional screens, stickers, and wipes.

The glass screen protector is 0.3mm thick and crystal clear. There’s minimal reflection and glare from the glass and it resists fingerprints pretty well. I also wasn’t able to scratch the glass using a pen or my keys. It has rounded edges and is large enough to cover the flat portion of your screen (not the curved edges) and has precise cutouts for the home button and call speaker at the top. Because the glass does have thickness, if you use this without a case there will be an “edge” around the whole screen that you can feel, but with a case it’s not so noticeable.

Installation is pretty easy with the included tools. First, clean the surface of your phone with wipes 1 and 2. If any dust settles on your screen you can use the round dust sticker to pick it up. The guide bracket makes it really easy to line up the glass. Make sure the tension bar on the back of the bracket is in the down position, insert your phone, and then slide the bar up to hold it in place. The two thin guide stickers will stick to the back of your phone (and the same side left or right), wrap around the side then stick to the front of the glass. Then you can use the dust sticker on the opposite side of the glass as a handle and open the glass like a book. Remove the guide bracket, before peeling off the back on the screen protector and then lowering it in place. Once it’s made contact with your phone’s screen, press gently on the center to start the adhesion process. Finally, press any remaining air bubbles out from the center towards the edges and remove the stickers. Any micro-bubbles remaining will clear on their own after a day or two.

Using these tools, the alignment of the glass is spot on, and it’s super quick, accurate, and easy. The glass looks and feels just like the original screen and fits in most cases that don’t already have a built-in screen protector. Over time, even with a case, you may experience cracks and chips at the edges of the screen protector from minor impacts and drops and such. This is typical and better take the protector takes the beating than your phone’s screen. That’s why the multi-packs are great because you can just remove the old one and put a new one down at little additional cost. I change my glass screen protector about once every 4-6 months.

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