Galaxy Note 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Buyers guide Part 1 // Watch before you buy

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Time Stamps
whitestone :20
Moko – 1:30
AUKUK- 2:18
Mr.Yes- 3:20
Olixar- 5:02
Luvvit- 6:23
What not to buy in stores- 9:02

When ever you get a new phone… one glaring question pops up…what Screen protector should I get?… Hopefully I can help make it easier..

Today we are taking a look at all the types of available Tempered Glass Screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 8… Seeing if there is any kind of difference.. I will have my Galaxy Note 8 tomorrow.. So stay tuned for Part 2 and a Whitestone Dome Glass giveaway.
There are 8 different kinds

Full screen coverage.. which we all hate

Case Friendly Standard size
Case Friendly Small size
Case Friendly Ultra small size
Silk color printing-
Full edge color with top and bottom
top and bottom straight strips
Top and bottom curved strips.

Whitestone Dome Glass- the only full screen adhesive kit for the Galaxy note 8
Link coming in Instalation video when released..Not yet avalibe for purchase
Galaxy note 8 privacy Glass

Olixar Case friendly tempered glass..
Luvvit with application tool
I will compare all of them .. I will also go over in the end of the video what not to buy at retail stores…don’t let them rip you off..
I will be giving away 6 of the Whitestone dome glass kits for the Galaxy Note 8.. SO STAY TUNED FOR THAT.. Whitestone installation video and intial review coming Friday as well as Giveaway announcement!