How To Apply The YouSave Accessories Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 6/ 6s

When getting a new smartphone it is always a good idea to protect your investment with a screen protector. Here we show you how to apply a screen protector, avoiding those frustrating bubbles that can appear.

A screen protector is a very helpful tool for shielding the touchscreen of your device from harm. But conventional screen protectors are made of plastic; this means that, while thin, they compromise on defence. But if you want heavy-duty protection from damage, there’s no finer choice than iPhone 6 glass screen protectors. Unlike its plastic counterparts, the iPhone 6 glass screen protector provides a significant level of protection from damage. It not only provides an impenetrable barrier against scratches, scuffs and dents – it also protects your touchscreen from the danger of impacts. Even the most catastrophic drop will be minimized; and even if the glass screen protector for 6S / 6 shatters on impact with the ground, it will shatter uniformly, maintaining its shape.