How to Install a Benuo iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Oh sure, you know all about smartphone technology and boast that your newest device has not just Gorilla Glass from Corning, but Gorilla Glass 4. Nice. But if you drop it, it’s 0 to get the screen fixed, isn’t it? That’s why tech expert Dave Taylor of recommends a simple, inexpensive glass screen protector as an insurance policy: better to have that break than your screen.

In this video he shows you how easy it is to remove a glass screen protector from his iPhone 7 and replace it with the easy-to-install Benuo tempered glass screen protector. Tip: it’s fast and easy.

Better yet, once installed, it’s almost invisible and it gets the scratches, scuffs and chips that can happen from daily use instead of the main iPhone screen!

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