How to install ANY screen protector PERFECTLY – 10 steps ( plus 3 Pro-Tips)

Hate bubbles and dust under your screen protector? Find out how to avoid/fix these annoying issues!

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Here’s the process:

1. Setup your space. At the very least, it should be brightly lit because trying to line up something transparent on the touchscreen in a dark room is painful.

2. Take your iPhone out of the case.

3. Wash your hands! Most instruction don’t tell you to do that but keeping your fingers grease free will help with the install.

4. Follow the install instructions. Use the lint cloths and rubbing alcohol packages as prescribed.

5. Do a final clean using masking tape. Most microfibre clothes that I’ve come across leaves pieces of cloth on the screen. Tape helps remove all the dust.

6. Set the iPhone horizontally and look at it straight down on it.

7. Bring the screen protector as close as you can to the devices screen by holding it along the corners of the screen protector.

8. Line up the screen protector along the top and bottom.

9. Lay the screen protector at an angle so that you can easily remove it if you figure out its not aligned. For plastic screen protectors, I tend to put a slight bend in it so that its easier to line up

10. If it lines up, let the screen protector fall onto the screen and press down on the middle.

Looking for ways to remove the dust? Check out the video for tips on dust removal!

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