How to remove bubbles from tempered glass screen protectors

Bubble formation is a common problem during or after the installation of Tempered Glass Screen protector.

Bubbles are formed due to the Lint ( Tiny White Fiber ) or dust particles. If you remove these Lint/Dust particles you can have a bubble free installation.

We have shown how to remove the bubbles from already installed Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Xiaomi Mi 4i Screen.

Follow These Steps –
1- Gently lift the glass from bottom edges and hold it from the edges
2- Do not touch the adhesive side of the glass while you hold it
3- Use Graphene Armor Glass dust sticker to remove the Lint/Dust particles from the adhesive side of the Glass
4- You can use the dust sticker to remove the Lint/Dust particles from the phone screen
5- Realign the Glass keeping the camera cut in mind
6- Gently press down with Graphene Armor Glass branded microfiber cloth to all the corners starting from center.

This process can be done any number of time to remove the lint/dust from the Glass as well as from the phone screen.

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