iAnder iPad mini 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector REVIEW

Product link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K8Z6QMI/?tag=johny07-20

This screen protector is tempered glasses and will help protect your screen from scratch and crack when drop. Previously I have use this on my Ipad and my kid drop it so many time it finally crack, but left the screen perfectly fine. I got this now for the Ipad mini 4 and so far after about a week of using it I’m pleased with it. It’s easy to install but does require a little bit of prep to clean screen, dry, remove any dust and line up the protector and drop it in place. IT will stick to your screen quickly and only a small push with credit card or included bubble remover card to take care of anything left over. Overall pretty nice product that’s a screen saver!

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