Installing the Imos Edge to Edge Curved Gorilla Glass Screen Protector (2nd Gen) for iPhone 6s Plus

Curved edge to edge tempered glass screen protectors are a popular product because they protect the entire screen of your iPhone and, if done well, they look as if there is no screen protector on the phone at all. The Imos Solid EX 3D is an excellent screen protector featuring 9H hardness, and not only is it edge to edge, it is also made of Corning Gorilla Glass and features true curved glass edges. Many less advanced screen protectors have created curved edges for their edge to edge screen protectors by fusing another, more easily curved, material—typically plastic or metal—to the edges of the tempered glass. There are few companies that are making true curved tempered glass screen protectors, and Imos is one of them (the other well known company is Cupert Technology, with their Cinder screen protector). This is the second version of their Solid EX 3D screen protector for the iPhone 6/6s Plus that I have reviewed—the first was very nice, but considerably thicker, at .55 mm. This one is .4 mm and much more svelte.

Installation was fairly easy—Imos comes very nicely packaged with detailed instructions, and once you have properly cleaned your phone and aligned the screen protector, installation is quite easy. I ended up with a few stubborn bubbles, but they were gone in about 30 minutes after some gentle rubbing. Imos has definitely improved their adhesive—the previous version was much more difficult to get all the bubbles out of.

Once installed, I was very impressed. It seems thinner than its supposed .4 mm of thickness and it feels marvelous on the phone. 3D Touch works flawlessly, the oleophobic coating is a joy and the optical clarity is outstanding. Case compatibility is also better than I thought it would be. Cases which worked: Thule Atmos X3, Magpul Field Case, Doc Artisan Wallet, Verus Damda Slide, Adopted Leather Folio and Griffin Survivor Core. Cases which didn’t were the Spigen Tough Armor and the Speck CandyShell Grip. At .4 mm the Imos is not as thin as the Cinder screen protector, but it has good case compatibility and it looks fantastic on your iPhone. Plus, being thicker, it may provide greater protection to your iPhone in the event of a drop.

For more information on where to purchase the Imos Solid EX 3D, check out Imos’s website at:

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However, prior to purchase, you may want to confirm that you are getting the latest .4 mm version.

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