JETech iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Unboxing & Fitting

This is a video of me unboxing & fitting a JETech iPhone 6s tempered glass screen protector.

The JETech tempered glass screen protector is packaged well, thick cardboard with high density foam sandwiched in between. I was shocked on opening the packet that there were two screens in there! Yes two! What a surprise, i was only expecting one! So that was a big bonus, now it’s different to your usual screen protectors this one isn’t as flexible, as the title suggests it’s an actual real life mini piece of glass that sticks over your original glass screen, acting as the sacrificial lamb and hopefully your original screen will be left untouched. I did read other reviews and people think quite highly of this product, someone even said on dropping her phone screen first onto the floor it shattered…. The screen protector that was, the iPhone screen was absolutely fine! Having a second one ready to go i assume she would have just picked the old shattered pieces off and just replaced it.

Fitting it was very easy and unfortunately you still do get air bubbles but nowhere near as many as the thin screen protectors, but my bubbles (I had two) one disappeared after a little wiping with a cloth and the second one disappeared overnight. So I am well happy, an actual screen protector on my phone with NO yes NO bubbles on the screen!!!!! Well impressed!

If you like what you see and hear, you can buy one of these from Amazon, via the following link:

I hope you enjoyed the video! Please check out my iPhone playlist for other accessories and bits on iPhones.