MiniGuard Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPod Touch 5/6th Gen (2015)

This is a review of the MiniGuard tempered glass screen protector for iPod touch 5th and 6th generation. I received a free sample for review.

This comes with several additional items to help you clean your display before applying the screen protector; an alcohol prep cloth, a microfiber cloth and an anti-dust sticker to help you pick off any remaining dust that might settle on the screen prior to installing the screen protector.

Properly cleaning the display prior to installing the screen protector is the most important step. Once your display is clean, carefully peel off the protective plastic on the screen protector and then gently line it up over the display. If you do this carefully and slowly you are able to lift it off the display and reposition it if necessary. One thing you do not want to do is to bend the protector as it will crack since it is very thin glass.

If all goes well, you’ll have a very nice glass screen protector protecting the display of your iPod touch. The screen protector has an oleophobic coating on it which helps prevent fingerprints from collecting. I have found that this coating does not last long but while it’s working it’s great.

Glass screen protectors will scratch and will crack but they do protect your display. I prefer them to the plastic screen protectors which always curl or peel off and are much more difficult to install.