OnePlus 5 Orzly Pro-Fit Tempered Glass Application & Testing

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It’s not often I put the product links before the explanation, in fact I don’t think I’ve done it before. That speaks for itself really, if you want a screen protector which is going to do the job and protect the screen of your OnePlus 5. This is currently the one to do it.

At half the price of the official OnePlus 3D, the quality is the same if not higher, you get a twin pack. You GET a TWIN PACK. Amazing.

I will of course be updating you all on OnePlus Forums/Reddit/XDA on whether this screen protector fails in any way over the next week or so, find me @niijonodhg

Still not purchased a OnePlus 5? Head over the to do so, or if you’re in India purchase from Amazon: