Otterbox Alpha Glass: A Great Case Friendly Screen Protector for iPhone 6s+!

While there has been a lot of excitement over edge to edge curved tempered glass screen protectors, they frequently have case compatibility issues. If you are a case user, you might want to save yourself a lot of time and effort by opting for a case friendly screen protector. Otterbox’s Alpha Glass screen protector is an excellent choice in this category: it is easy to install, has excellent optical clarity and oleophobic coating and is simply a pleasure to use. Many thanks to the kind folks at Otterbox for sending it out to me to review.

* Easy to install: although this screen protector has no special installer, it is quite easy to line up properly and get a spot-on install.

* Smooth, rounded edges: some glass screen protector lack rounding on the edges of their screen protectors, making the edges feel particularly noticeable around the home button. The Alpha Glass is rounded on all its edges, leading to a very comfortable user experience.

* Outstanding optical quality.

* Excellent oleophobic coating: resists the buildup of fingerprints and smudges and makes the screen very easy to clean.

* Fortified Glass: Otterbox doesn’t give this screen protector a hardness rating, such as ‘9H’, but they do say that it is constructed of a special fortified glass. Like most tempered glass screen protectors, this should be very protective against scratching.

* 3D Touch compatible: no interference with 3D Touch operation.

* Backed by Otterbox’s one year warranty.

* Very slight hazing on the edges: like many case friendly screen protectors, the Alpha Glass has an issue with a small line of hazing along the edges of the screen protector. Due to the fact that the screen protector is flat where the screen has started to curve very slightly, this hazing is very common. On the Alpha Glass, it is noticeable, but quite minor and shouldn’t cause any usage issues. It appears to be entirely cosmetic.

* No thickness information is provided in the product description. If I had to guess, I’d say the Alpha Glass is around .3 mm, however.

Conclusion: Overall, the Alpha Glass is an excellent screen protector. Designed to fit perfectly with Otterbox’s Symmetry and Commuter cases, it should fit with most cases due to its case friendly design. With an MSRP of .95, the Alpha Glass is available from Otterbox, Amazon and various retailers:

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