~Review~ iPely LG V10 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Amazon

Get This iPely LG V10 Screen Protector on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CN5DFMY/?tag=ipely-screen-20

I did a review and installation of a similar tempered glass screen protector by Pleson last month and it developed scratches.
So far this looks to be a good quality screen protector. The cutouts around the camera and proximity sensor are good. It fits well about half a mm from the edge of the screen on the sides and less than that on the top and bottom (good for case clearance).

The rounding looks good. I couldn’t get a good focused shot because I was using my iphone 6S plus which doesn’t have manual focus. I usually do macro shots with my LG V10, but since it was the subject of the video I couldn’t get the best macro shot.

So far I feel comfortable recommending this screen protector for LG v10 owners. There aren’t too many that wrap around the camera like this one and the Pleson, so I have to recommend this one at this point. I will update the review if it ends up scratching easy.

+ Good Fit and Coverage
+ Wraps Around Camera and Proximity Sensor
+ Good Rounding on Edges

– Mine Developed chips and I ended up replacing it with another brand

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