Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Tempered Glass Q&A | GPEL and Olixar

In today’s Q&A video, I provide an update on how things are going with the GPEL and Olixar tempered glass screen protectors.

Note: Any phone numbers you see, (not blurred) have already made sure that they are no longer valid.

GPEL Protectors for the Galaxy S8/S8+:
Olixar Protectors for the Galaxy S8/S8+:

Checkout the Olixar website here:

I have been using both my Galaxy S8 and my Galaxy s8+ as daily drivers to get a good feel for how these protectors perform when doing normal every day tasks. In between that I have continued to film case review videos while using these protectors.

Here are a few notes an observations:

Olixar PROS
1. Olixar tempered glass is a fingerprint magnet. 🙂 It has a smooth feeling to the touch so when performing gestures, etc., you’ll have not a single problem.
2. There is no rainbow effect. I mentioned earlier on that I had noticed a rainbow on the first day of my install. That has since gone and has not returned.
3. This protector is very, very case friendly. It works with everything that I have thrown at it. We are talking over 40 cases with more to come.
4. There is no creaking, popping a loose areas to this protector. The glue has held up through everything.
5. I have yet to receive a single scratch on this protector.
6. This glass does NOT have a sharp feelin when rubbing your fingers on it.
7. There are not decreased areas on touch sensitivity on the display of the phone.
8. “3D-touch” / Pressure sensitive touch works.
9. You can use a stilus with this protector just fine.
10. No issues getting to the edge screen or notification panel.
11. I have not tried the water test. I’m saving that for the final video, which will be the comparison video. This should be in roughly two weeks.

Olixar CONS
1. Cost. It’s on the mid-to-expensive side of tempered glass protectors.
2. Availability – sometimes it goes out of stock. May have something do with my reviews. 😉

In terms of GPEL, all of the above holds true as well except the following:

1. I noticed that when pulling down the notification panel that sometimes the swipe doesn’t register. This I believe is due to the design of the screen protector. The top edge of the protector is kind of rough. You feel it much more than Olixar when swiping from the top (and the sides of the protector as well.) It just seems more sharp to the touch overall.
2. I continue to see a rainbow on the glass at least once a day. It always goes away, but it’s there from time to time.
3. Swiping to open the edge panel for me didn’t always work. I believe that this is due again to the design. The protector does not go down on the sides of the display as far as the Olixar protector, which in my opinion causes your finger to miss the edge panel.
4. Dirt accumulates along the edges of the glass. 🙁

5. When it comes to clarity GPEL HAS BETTER CLARITY with the glass that they are using.
6. The Oleophobic coating that GPEL uses is much better. You don’t get nearly as many fingerprints.
7. The overall feeling of the GPEL glass feels more like gorilla glass. It just feels nice!
8. GPEL costs half the price of the Olixar protector.
9. GPEL protector is available everytime I checked.

Ok, so there you guys have it. Right now I am standing behind both of these protectors. I have looked at 3 other protectors (for a total of 5 now) and these are my #1 and #2.

Two of the protectors I have already ruled out due to poor quality and will be shown in the comparison video, but not recommended.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will try my best to get back to you.