This screen protector is AWESOME – iLoome ScreenMate Max Review – iPhone 6

We were pleasantly surprised with this tempered glass screen protector. The curved edge is just great!

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Today we’re going to review the iLoome Screenmate Max. This is one of my favourite screen protectors but its a little finnicky.

The ScreenMate Max is the only screen protector that I’ve come across that covers the curved edge of the iPhone and also is made from two types of materials. This unique feature ensures that the front of your iPhone is completely protected but poses problems for your iPhone in terms of fitting it into a case. If you want a screen protector that changes the look of your iPhone slightly, you should consider this screen protector.

Based on my time with the screen protector, I’ve given it a score of 4.3 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the highest rated screen protectors that I’ve come across, beating out the Sir Lancelot and iLoome’s regular screen mate. If want to read the rest of this review, check out the website and if you’re looking for our screen protector reviews, check out the comparison tool on our website.

In terms of design, the iLoome Screenmate Max is made from two genera types of materials, with a tempered glass screen protector in the middle that’s surround by iLoome’s XAL-4CR alloy. I’ll be honest with you, this is one of the coolest screen protectors that I’ve seen.

Re-applicability of the screen protector isn’t great as the alloy portion has a tendency to bend so when you’ll bend it when you remove it. Dust removal isn’t too bad and iLoome does include tools to help with the dust removal. Bubbling isn’t an issue with this screen protector as a day after the install, they go away.

The fit on this screen protector is the best. The curved edges of the Screenmate Max will literally cover the entire front of your iPhone. You will notice the edge on the side of the iPhone and the gaps, prior to me trying to shove this iPhone into a bunch of cases is quite minimal.

This screen protector provides you with the best user experience as you won’t really notice that you have another sheet of glass on top of your iPhone. However, the curved edges does pose a problem for the type of case that you can use. I’ll list out the cases that I found that were compatible towards the end of the video.

As a result of the curved edge and alloy blend, this screen protector will last longer. Tempered glass screen protectors usually crack during removal after being lightly kicked by sand paper but this iLoome didn’t. The curved edges also minimize the potential to chip, which is an issue for some screen protectors.

In terms of protection, the glass portion of the Screenmate Max hold up well against keys, coins and knives though sand paper will do a number on it. However, the alloy portion of the case doesn’t hold up as well against scratching as keys and coins will easily scratch the edges. This was surprising to me because I’ve been using this screen protector for a month now and its hold up well until doing the video.

Viewability of the iPhone is a none issue as there isn’t any glare or diffusion. The oleophobic coating works well especially when compared to this fusion self-healing screen protector and there are no issues when accessing your iPhone behind the ScreenMate Max. The curved edges minimizes the deadness you often find on other screen protectors along the edges.

So that’s all I got for the ScreenMate Max. Again, I’m very, very, very impressed with this screen protector. The only downside is that its not going to fit into all cases. Basically, this screen protector will only fit cases that have a pliable edge. Most cases have edges that get under the screen protector which peels it off the iPhone. So skinnier cases like the Apple Silicone case and Loopy case will not work with this screen protector but bulkier ones which as the Griffin Survivor core and Thule Atmos X3 will. I personally like the look of the Spigen Tough Armor as the grey front and back make it pretty awesome.

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