Ultimate Shield Tempered Glass – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Screen Protector)

An odd fit… but impressive protection. On Amazon – http://amzn.to/10ux0Vh

See the key test at 7:46

The response from Ultimate Shield –

Due to the Note 4 having a curved display, the screen protector is shaped to fit the flat part of the display to prevent lifting at the edges. Also there is a tiny gap on each side of the main screen if aligned perfectly in the middle. We wish we could make bigger but then there is a high risk of bubbles and not sticking at the edges. We did originally have a bigger version and that caused a halo effect around the edges(check picture). So for that reason the size you have is the best possible size to avoid any bubbles.

Also the Note 4 is a very tricky device. It seems like the curve size differs on different devices which causes problems for some. Also the Note 4 white version seems to have a smaller curved edge compared to the black version. Some black phone users get bubbles with the same protector you have around the edges.