UNBREAKABLE Galaxy S3!!! *iloome ScreenMate Tempered Glass Screen Protector*

Make your Galaxy S3 screen unbreakable!!! iloome makes a tempered (hardened glass) screen protector that will protect your screen from drops or impacts! With a hammer the screen protector breaks but the glass beneath doesn’t!

Plus the glass screen protector gives you all the advantages of the glass below it!

http://www.iloome.com/Galaxy-S-3-ScreenMate/b/6180893011?ie=UTF8&title=Galaxy+S+3 (They make these for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Note II, SIII, and S 4!!!)

Galaxy S3 Destruction! *only a broken screen, not the entire phone, SO CHILL!!!

Galaxy S3 REBUILD *the time I got a new screen and rebuilt my Galaxy S3*