What Happens When You Bend/Crack Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Phones?

So what happens when you bend and crack a tempered glass screen protector? This tempered glass is .33mm in thickness and has a 9H (hardness).

A tempered glass (toughened glass) protector is a multi-layered screen protector which is up to five times stronger then normal glass. Note that this is not the same as a windshield on a car as a windshield is lamented glass! However the side and rear car windows is made of tempered glass.

If temped glass is broken or cracked there will be no large pieces of glass as it will disintegrate into tiny rock salt pieces which provides more safety.

There is a big difference between plastic and tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass helps absorb impact from drops, leaving the phone screen below intact as well as keeping your below screen scratch free . Many times your tempered glass screen will crack on impact and you just simply peel it off and replace with a new tempered glass. Note that cheap tempered glass will crack when you roll over your phone in bed!

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