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While your gadget’s level of clarity and enhancement depends on the screen’s quality, smoothness and clarity, the screen’s quality significantly depend on its protector. While there are many glass screen protectors in the market today, few can match to the convenience and benefits offered by Invisible Shield.

The shield not only comes with several exclusive features and benefits, the company also offers great deals on purchases made.

Invisible Shield Screen Protector Features

The protector comes with several exclusive features meant to enhance its durability and toughness. These include:

• Military grade material
The protector is made using military grade material similar to that used in shielding chopper blades. This goes a long way in enhancing its durability and ability to sustain scratches and falls.

• Reconstructing capabilities
As unbelievable as it may be, the Invisible Shield screen protector has already tapped into Nano technology. To this end, the screen guard is capable of healing and recovering from minor scratches and brakes, ensuring that your screen’s texture is always smooth, and the output clear.

• Lifetime warranty
While the screen protector is designed to be durable and regenerating, clients still get to enjoy lifetime warranty should the protector get damaged, or wear out in time.

• 45 days money back guarantee
This product is definitely guaranteed to take you away with the convenience it can offer your device. However, to allow buyers confidence and time to test out the protector, the company assures buyers a 45-days money back guarantee in case they should not feel satisfied with the product.

Shortcomings of Invisible Shield screen protector

As is the case with everything else, this screen guard comes with a couple shortcomings, but definitely nothing major.

For starters, the replacement warranty only applies if you have the initial device that the screen guard was applied to. In addition, the guard is not capable of taking extreme pressure or scratches, but fairs excellently in the common falls and contact with hard and sharp objects.

Owing to its popularity, this screen guard is widely available, ensuring everyone has a chance to enjoy the benefits offered by its exclusive features. It is also easy to apply to your device as it comes designed to fit the shape and size of your gadget’s screen.

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